Это не остановить Х_Х Я же видел все эти финты вживую в Вильнюсе Т3Т 
27.07.2013 - святой день хДДД


I was so excited when I heard that Depeche Mode was having a concert here. I had hoped that they’d come here because of the new album and all.. But then I saw how much the tickets costed; 176€ or 260€ depending on where you wanted to go. Fml. I really want to see them live cos it’s one of my favourite bands but I don’t have the money to pay that much for a concert ticket + traveling and hotel costs.

i know they are. I saw them a month ago and it was worth every single euro cent. still high from the show. so worth it. the price is just a pair of (rather expensive )shoes or my grocery bill for two  weeks or anything else material. but they are amazing and the show made me so happy and actually helped me to get over a very ugly break up.

Dave Gahan flirting with a lucky Italian lady! And a happy guy’s scream, too! real hotness knows no gender.

Dave already has his eye make up removed!  aaaw baby got tired :)




Dave Gahan looks fucking hot in glasses. o_O


Like a teacher, hehehe :D

I want to have such teacher…. everything would be better then.


new Depeche Mode


Depeche Mode - Heaven